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Thread: What cars do you want to see in-game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GenBrien View Post
    I only want GT's Vettes.....
    that is all
    Nuff said ^
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    normal road cars.

    BMW M5 E39 and M5 F10
    BMW M3 E46 and M3 F30
    Audi RS6 C5 and C7
    Mercedes C63 AMG and E63 AMG (For the E the rwd version)
    Opel Insignia OPC

    just some more fast road legal cars

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrik Marek View Post
    I'm huge fan of touring cars, so I would really like BTCC lineup! if officially licensed series then it's even better
    I agree. Half the tracks in the BTCC are already in the game, along with two of the BTCC support series, so having some or all of the current BTCC cars would be pretty cool too!

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    More road cars:

    BMW E9 & E30 & E46
    Nissan Skyline KPGC10 & R34
    Honda NSX
    Mazda MX5
    Porsche Ruf Boxster
    Ferrari but the license...
    A pace car
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    Modern era touring cars:

    BTCC - (NGTC) Audi A4, Audi S3, Ford Focus, VW CC, Honda Civic Type R, Chevrolet Cruze, Toyota Avensis, BMW 125i, Infiniti Q50, MG6 GT, Proton Gen2
    TCR - Seat Leon Cup Racer, VW Golf, Ford Focus, Honda Civic, Audi TT, Subaru Impreza
    V8 Supercars - Holden, Ford, Mercedes, Nissan, Volvo (New regs coming soon allowing more cars to enter)
    DTM - BMW and Audi to join the Mercedes

    Historic Touring Cars:

    90's Super Tourers (Honda Accord, Renault Laguna, Vauxhal Vectra, Volvo S40, VW Jetta, Seat Toledo, Peugeot 406, Nissan Primera
    More 80's stuff (Fiesta XR2i, Jaguar XJS, Toyota Supra, Holden Commodore, Ford Mustang, Volvo 240T, VW Golf Mk1 etc)
    60's Touring Cars (Mini 1275, Ford Mustang/Galaxie/Falcon, Abarth 1000 TC, Lotus Cortina, Alfa Giulietta etc)

    Modern Day GT Cars:

    More GT3's (458, Nissan GTR, Lambo Gallardo/Huracan)
    Older GT3's (Ascari KZ1R, Morgan Aero, Viper CC, Mosler MT900R)
    GT4/Cup version of an RUF

    Historic GT's/Prototypes:

    Panoz GTR1, Mclaren F1 LM, Ferrari F40 LM, Lotus Esprit GT1, Vector M12, Lister Storm, Viper GTSR, Saleen S7R, Ferrari 550, Marcos LM600

    More Group C and Group C Jr cars to go with the Sauber C9

    Odds and Sods:

    VW Fun Cup Endurance Racing
    Citroen 2CV Championship (Plus 24 Hour Race)
    Caterham 7 Race Series


    Would like to see some UK short oval stuff like National or Classic Hot Rods.

    F1/F2/Saloon Stockcars for those who like abit of contact


    Would also like to see some Trans-Am/IMSA GTO Cars to go with the Mustang Currently in the game, and while im the classics some more Gr5 Monsters wouldn't go a miss either.
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    1980s CART
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    A "Formula S", which would be basically a 2004-2005 F1 car ripoff.

    No licenses to pay to include this one

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    A full 2015 lmp1 grid - inc Nissan's fwd monster
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