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Thread: Known Issues Collective Thread (XB1) [Not for bug reporting!] - Updated 21/12

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    The Huayra BC redlines at 6100 rpm in the game whereas the RL version does so at 6500. No matter what you do, you just can't touch the redline, let alone go past it. This can't be the case in the RL car, can it? In the standard Huayra, you can go past the redline and go just over 7000 RPM.

    The Mustang Fastback, Escort Mk1 and 2016 Ford Fusion car have a right pull bug which usually kicks in once you start to accelerate no matter what gear you're in. It is not a tuning issue. Only these 3 cars exhibit it.

    Would also be nice to see moving aero parts in replays.
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