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Thread: Project Cars Tuning Guide : 3f and case studies now live!

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    Jussi: thx, now it's working. You have done huge work with Your calculator. Now I try to find some improvements to Bentley with Your tool.
    One question about this calculator: if I have values for one car witch has good setup, can I make conclusions when I'm working other car = can I make the cars behaviour similar using Your calculator? I try to change Bentleys reactions in slow speed corners to direction of MB C amg Dtm.


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    Yeah, if the spring frequencies, frequency balance and damping rates are similar from one car to another, the cars should react similarly. So if you for example like a GT3 car around the 3.5 Hz range with the front frequency 20% higher and like to have the average damping at 3 in/s at about 75% front and 65% rear with an 60/40 rebound/bump bias, then that would be something to try out in the other GT3 cars.

    But it's not obviously ever totally that simple. All cars have differences in their wheelbase, track width, amounts of downforce produced, downforce bias front/rear, tyre sizes, suspension geometry (dynamic camber changes, dynamic toe changes, anti-dive or anti-squat design, Ackermann steering, kingping inclination, multi-link suspension vs. double wishbone suspension, etc. etc. etc.) so you won't make the cars behave EXACTLY the same way with the same settings.

    But similar frequencies do mean similar stiffness, and similar critical damping rates do mean similar control over the movements of the suspension, so you can definitely carry over your preferences to some extent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jussi Karjalainen View Post
    It's not converting, it's more like opening up a package. =)

    I can help you through it if it really turns out to be difficult. I have to admit, I'm sort of surprised that anyone has managed to use computers to the extent of learning how to browse the internet, sign up for forums and work with Excel without learning about how to open up .zip, .rar and .7z files. I tend to rank file archives and file compression as one of the most basic computer skills among copy/paste, light web browsing and moving around directories, and it's usually been something that's featured in introductory computer usage classes in primary school. =)
    lol. When I went to school computers were the size of a room. No computer studies for me lol

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    having worked on cars in driveability for years. i always thought a flat tire will get the hotest. a high pressure will slip first because less of the tire is touching the ground.

    if you run your tires on your car to high of pressure the middle of the tire well wear first.
    to flat it well get to hot and fail through the side wall. ever seen a tire that was run flat? is has shredded rubber inside the tire like its eating it self

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