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Thread: Dedicated Server High Latency

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    Dedicated Server High Latency


    I don't know why and it's the only game I have for other and me an high ping in game.

    With other game on this server. Minimum latency is 7-8ms (for me, it's 14ms). And when i create and play on DS with Pcars minimum latency is 40ms (55ms minimum for me with Pcars). Is there a problem with Dedicated server files ?
    DS running on Debian jessie x64 (E1220 V2, 16Go ram, 1Gbps symétric) and DS v1.0.1.16.

    For information a guy see me teleporting on Le Mans like Assetto Corsa.

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    40ms ping is high? What?

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    For the minimum yes, it's high when we have lower value in other game with same server. Because people who have 40-50ms in other game, could have 100ms in pcars. People with 100ms in other game could have…

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