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Thread: Jack Spade - FFB Tweaker Files

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    Jack Spade - FFB Tweaker Files

    Iīve been asked by WMD members to post my FFB Tweaker Files here in this new forum too..... here they are

    What is it?

    Itīs a text file (xml) containing identical parameters as on the individual Car FFB Setup menus. Tweaker Files are of higher priority, once
    the game detects and actives the files, settings on the menus are ignored. Important note, file values do NOT show up in the gameīs menus.

    pCARS FFB is directly derived from individual car/tire physics hence universal, so the settings will work for any type of wheel.
    Car/tire physics spits out data of the individual car hence each one of them has a customized tweaker file.

    The FFB system consists of two construction sites, individual car tuning is the core of the system, on the other side the global wheel preset
    settings in order to deal with different type of wheel constructions. Files are individual car FFB tuning only, some global parameters still
    in there are old WMD stuff and donīt work anymore, global setting suggestions further down this page.

    How do I use the files?

    Now the posting contains 9 different sets of files, follow the detailed "Advanced Folder Management" info text inside the zip file, screenshots included.

    Sub folders containing the files must be renamed to "FFB" to become active, one at a time .

    The tweaker files get activated by just starting the game. - Again, the car FFB setup menus are ignored. You can deactivate the files by renaming the FFB folder.

    FAQ at the bottom of this page.


    Tweaker Files V3.1.1 Update Notes

    1. Dojo Modding Team cars added - Aston_Martin_DBR9, Corvette_C6r_GT1, Ford_Matech_GT_GT1, McLaren_688HS
    (FIA GT1 Mod - starting the Maserati MC12 causes an Unhandled Exception error, so this car is missing)


    Tweaker Files V3.1 Update Notes

    1.Readjusted - Sauber_C9, Formula_A

    2.Minor adjustments & fine tune - Dallara_DW12_2014, Lykan_Hypersport, Formula_B, Renault_Alpine_A442B, Radical_SR8,
    Radical_SR3, Lotus_25, Lotus_40, Lotus_98T, Ford_Escort_Mk1, Ford_Mustang_Fastback66, Ford_Mustang_GT_2015,
    Caterham_Classic, Ginetta_G40, Ruf_CTR_Yellowbird, Mercedes_300SEL_AMG, Toyota_GT86, Toyota_86, Scion_FR-S, Ruf_RT12R,
    BMW_1M_SW, Audi_R8_V10_plus, McLaren_F1, BMW_M1

    3.Mod Cars added - Lamborghini Murcielago R-SV GT1, Nissan_GT-R_GT1

    4. Audi_90_IMSA_GTO - reversed Fx, itīs a very low value set at zero for consoles.


    Tweaker Files Sets

    Folder 1. Standard
    Classic parameters Fx,Mz,Fy,Fz - but additional SopDiff. bumps/kerbs/road feel from the rear tires, solves phase issues.

    Folder 2. Fy+SopLateral Mix
    Side load mix (front/rear) 2/3 + 1/3 by forces not by numbers. FFB feels slightly different but gives more feel what the rear
    of the car is doing, all other parameters as Standard.

    Folder 3. 66% SopLateral
    Featuring Side Load Forces derived from the Rear. The character of SopLateral leaves Mz more space to breathe, allows about
    10% - 13% increased Master Scale and Sop Scale values than in other sets. Entering curves the wheel slightly feels lighter than
    usual but compensates with more dynamic, you gain more feel when the tail wants to step out.
    In the Fy+SopLateral Mix version Fy (side load front) is dominating, besides the Master Levels this is the main difference.

    Folder 4. Bumps Plus
    Based on the Fy+SopLateral Mix version, more Rockīn Roll from bumps and kerbs, clipping not ruled out.

    Folder 5. Brake Rumble
    Some people asked in the forum and in several PMs about this effect - in game Fx = longitudinal force. Fx is equally cranked
    up on all cars, itīs a temporary force so it wonīt spoil the core balance. Though cranked up there is just little effect on lots of
    cars. As reference check the Radicals and the Caterham 500 on Oulton Park. This version is based on Fy+SopLateral Mix.

    Folder 6. Bumps Plus - Classic
    Similar to the folder 4 version but based on the Standard-Classic settings.

    Folder 7, 8 and 9 - Kerbs Minus
    Some people requesting to tame down the nasty kerbs rattle. Additional 3 versions based on Standard-Classic(7),
    Fy+Soplateral Mix(8) and 66% SopLateral(9). High frequency vertical load (Fz/SopDiff.) filtered with FzLowPass
    and SopLowPass, values are set identical on all cars at 0.1. Note, this is the lowest possible value in order
    to be compatible with the GUI values, actually some cars would require less than 0.1 (10 GUI) others more.
    Itīs a simple filter that doesnīt distinguish between a kerb or other high frequency FFB response but the job
    gets done with minor cutbacks. BTW Brands Hatch is a reference of nasty kerbs.

    Folder 10. Low Vertical Load - Classic
    Fz & SopDiff. lower levels = less bumps/kerbs but on the other side a tad clearer Mz & Fy stuff. The wheel feels tighter
    as phase issues are further reduced, a slight reduction of Tire Force might be an option here.
    This set is based on the Standard Classic version, Mz, Fy and Scales just slightly adapted where seemingly required.

    Note, in all versions the core settings or ratio of forces are conform the laws of physics (SMS interpreted, human error included)
    so they correctly mirror the carīs situation on any type of FFB wheel. As the side load forces are derived from different sources
    (front/rear) their special mix balance determine the character of FFB feel. At this point the different versions may become a matter
    of taste rather than wrong or right.

    Jack Spade Tweaker Files

    For the Console Guys

    Wootball no longer does the conversion this website is up to date:

    But you can export the settings though.

    Choose the folder you want and export it from this site:

    If you don't have MS Excel, you can open the file with OpenOffice Calc :-)

    You can export the file in pdf-format from both programs.

    Recommended Global FFB Settings
    Tweaker files are optimized for best performance and maximum output level and should be used in combo with following settings as a
    foundation and starting point for all type of wheels in order to avoid clipping.

    Menu parameters not mentioned here remain default. FFB master = 100

    On the CSW v2 "Dri = 3" > the alternative setting (no Scoops) red marked "Dri = off"

    More info about the alternative setting:

    1. Without Soft Clip

    TF = 75 - fixed
    DRR = 0.05 - CSW v2 only (your value here)
    DRF = 0.02 - CSW v2 only (your value here)
    RA Gain = 1.50
    RA Bleed = 0.10
    RA Clamp = 0.85
    SK = 0.86 / 0.0 - CSW v2 only (your value here)
    SR = 0.28 / 0.0 - CSW v2 only (your value here)
    SC Half = 0
    SC Full = 0
    PWM = 0.00 / -0.05
    PWMS = 0.00 / 0.03
    Steering Gain = 145 / 105 variable

    2. With Soft Clip (FFB compression)

    TF = 75 - fixed
    DRR = 0 - CSW v2 only (your value here)
    DRF = 0 - CSW v2 only (your value here)
    RA Gain = 1.50
    RA Bleed = 0.10
    RA Clamp = 1.00
    SK = 0.86 - CSW v2 only (your value here)
    SR = 0.28 - CSW v2 only (your value here)
    SC Half = 0.80
    SC Full = 1.39
    Steering Gain = 130 variable

    RA Gain - suggested level of 1.50 could be a bit too much for lofi type of wheels, 1.10 - 1.30 is a good range to begin with.
    Note, 1.0 = neutral, no effect.

    Deadzone Removal (DRR/DRF) is wheel depending, with Soft Clip like this wheels tend to oscillate, DRR/DRF should be
    reduced, in my case DRR 0.05 to 0.

    Scoop settings also are wheel depending, finally determine the Steering Gain setting at the end of the chain.
    Suggested level at 145 is determined by my CSW v2 Scoop values of 86/28, if yours for instance are 50/10 St.Gain at 135
    probably will do, if no Scoop is used the level could be even lower.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    This chapter is CSW v2 only - FFB Linearity

    Wheel Position Smoothing = 0.04

    Deadzone Removal Range = 0.05
    Deadzone Removal Falloff = 0.02

    If "Dri = 3" (neutral) - FFB response is non linear and requires following additional settings - NOT required if "Dri = off" (see alternative setting above)

    Tire Force = 75

    Scoop Knee = 0.86
    Scoop Reduction = 0.28

    Per Wheel Movement = 0.02 (as option "analog feel")
    Per Wheel Movement Squared = 0.00
    Steering Gain = 145 variable

    For more information about the CSW v2 FFB linear test follow these links:

    Updated - CSW v2 new linear test with skoaderīs FCM 1.2

    My CSW v2 internal settings: SEn aut, FF 100, SHo off, AbS 65, LIn off, dEA off, drI 3, For 100, SPr 50, dPr off

    Any Type of Wheel - appropriate Scoop and Deadzone Removal adjustments require a FFB linear test, everythingīs here:

    System Structure:
    (car/physics) -> (Tire Force) -> (car FFB department/tuning) -> (global FFB wheel presets, Steering Gain) -> (FFB monitor) -> (FFB master=100) -> output -> wheel

    Additional Info:

    People who donīt prefer Soft FFB Lock change the line in the files like this: <value DisableLockSpring="true" />
    (FFB lock for each car's certain degrees of rotation)

    A certain car maybe at bit weak/strong? Use these 2 Group Master Fader - SpindleMasterScale and SopScale....but always at the same level!
    ( use careful, high values cause clipping)

    Previous wheel preset terms like, Relative Gain, Scoop, Tighten Center, Soft Clip, Base Drag - is old stuff and donīt work.
    Now different terms on the wheel preset pages.

    Dead Zone Removal settings for various wheels collected by Lars Rosenquist with the help of WMD members.

    FFB at 100% - always any wheel!

    Logitech G25: 0.01 - 0.06 (partly depending on new/worn condition)
    Logitech G27: 0.16 - profiler strength 100%
    Logitech Driving Force GT: 0.03 - 0.05 (values corrected due to forum advice)
    Logitech Driving Force Pro: 0.00-0.01

    Fanatec CSR: 0.00
    Fanatec CSW v2: 0.00
    Fanatec 911 GT3 RS v1: 0.06
    Fanatec GT2: 0.11
    Fanatec Turbo S: 0.09 - 0.1

    Thrustmaster T300RS: 0.01

    SimXperience AccuForce: 0.00

    FAQ - info collected by forum member "TheIronWolf"

    Q: What's best tweaker file set?
    A: There's no best set. Just as FFB in general, those sets are very much up to personal preference. Try, experiment, adjust to find your "best" settings.

    Q: Can those files be applied to PS4/XB1 version of the game?
    A: No, you cannot copy those tweaker files to PS4/XB1. However, other users produced pdf/xls from those files (see OP). You can use those to enter settings manually. Note: you don't have to enter them all, just pick a car or set of cars, and apply settings to it. See what You prefer.

    Q: Tweaker files seem to have no effect.
    A: You can verify tweaker files are working by:
    1. find .xml for your car, for example, %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Project CARS\FFB\FFBTweakers_Mercedes_SLS_GT3.xml
    2. Set SpindleMasterScale to 100.0, save the file.
    3. Exit and reload session
    you should now get very strong feeling. See:

    Q: My wheel feels too weak.
    A: You have several options for increasing the strength of FFB:
    1. Experiment with Range Compression settings.
    2. Increase Tire Force - this will increase all forces without breaking their relative ratios.
    3. Increase FFB strength in wheel profiler (in Logitech, uncheck allow game to change settings box).
    4. Increase SpindleMasterScale/SoPScale but keep them at the same level.

    Note: tweaker files are specifically crafted to avoid clipping (sending values above wheel abilities to output). Clipping leads to fidelity loss. You can observe clipping in clipping meter of Telemetry HUD (flat line overflows).

    Q: My wheel feels too strong.
    A: See "My wheel feels too weak" and do the opposite steps. Note: do not reduce FFB level in game. FFB in game should be always set to 100.

    Q: My wheel is loose around center.
    A: Consider increasing Dead Zone Removal Range value.

    Q: My wheel oscillates around center or standstill.
    A: Consider decreasing Dead Zone Removal Range value and decreasing Tire Force or force in Profiler.

    Q: I don't see values from tweaker files in the car FFB UI.
    A: That is expected. Tweaker files override UI car FFB settings.

    Q: Too much/too little bumps/kerbs rattle.
    A: Adjust SpindleFzScale and SoPDifferentialf. But keep them equal.

    Q: I want more of braking vibration.
    A: Experiment with SpindleFxScale value.

    Q: What FFB parameters mean?
    A: See

    Q: How to increase feeling of an understeer?
    A: See
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    PC 2 - Custom Files here:
    PC 1 - V3.1.1 - FFB Tweaker Files here:
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    Thx for sharing, i've been a long time satisfied customer
    With the whole range of options available and people wondering what to do with them i'd guess that there will be a lot more satisfied customers.
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    Should be stickied IMO. This with a description on how to set Deadzone Removal Range properly should be the golden (hah, pun!) standard.
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    thank you!! will give these a try right away, pretty satisfied w/ my own settings but still experimenting
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lars Rosenquist View Post
    Should be stickied IMO. This with a description on how to set Deadzone Removal Range properly should be the golden (hah, pun!) standard.

    Thought the same Sticky'ed

    DISCLAIMER: Remember that every external tweak would be a non-supported scenario by SMS. But WMD will help you
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    whoa, im impressed. totally different feel, initial impression is theres a lot more detail than what i had going on. very cool
    Thrustmaster TX/CSR Elites/TH8a Shifter
    980OC/5820k@4.5/8GB DDR4@2400(stock)/WINDOWS 10
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    Hi there...Is there a way to use these tweaks on a PS4?

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    Thanks for sharing your files. I'm a CSW v2 user too, and the FFB feels really good now.

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    Checking in also to say thanks. Took them for a spin around Silverstone with a G27 - both overall and (in particular) rear axle feel is improved upon what was already a pretty sophisticated FFB feel. Holding power slides in the Zonda is amazing

    Congrats, they're excellent!
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