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Thread: Couple suggestions from a more casual fan

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    Lightbulb Couple suggestions from a more casual fan

    Hi SMS, I know most everyone on here is very much a hardcore sim fan, but I'd like to make a couple suggestions for those of us who aren't at all excited to do a real-time 6 hours of Spa in our living rooms, and might only have enough time for a few races a day. Hope you consider these for a future update.

    Fix "simulate qualifying" option: right now, if you skip qualifying in career mode, you're automatically put in last place on the grid. I like racing, not qualifying, and it's ridiculous to mandate us to qualify for a two-lap karting event. It would be nice if the "simulate qualifying" option would roll a dice and put you somewhere in the middle of the pack, not always at the back.
    Let us skip the outlap in qualifying: if we're being forced to qualify for a two-lap race, at least let us skip the outlap and get on with the fun bit. Why does qualifying take longer than running the actual race? It really slows down progress in the career mode.
    Don't post fake lap times in qualifying: if the player sets a qualy lap early and skips to the end of the session, the AI then goes and beats the time by 3 seconds every time. If you fast forward to the end of the session and set your lap time at the very end, you can get pole or thereabouts every time. I've tested this and it's just not fair. I don't understand why you expect me to spend 10 minutes qualifying for a three-minute, two-lap race. I don't have much time for games and I want to spend that time enjoying myself.
    Rewinds: at least for single player, it's hugely frustrating to lead every lap of a race and spin out on the last corner. The rewind feature found in other games makes this a lot less frustrating, and just shows respect for the player's time.

    Aside from these gripes, I'm really happy with the game so far; it handles much better than I was expecting. Thanks!
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    i dont know if you are able to do this but instead of simulating qualifying go into qualifying and then select simulate in the menu there, it will show your AI driver doing the quali session and usually getting around first, its not ideal because you have to watch it however you can do other things while your driver is qualifying, personally i am not sure about rewinds i try to avoid them but i would most likely use them if they are there, and i agree with skipping the outlap to an extent but i think its there because they want you to show your ability to warm up your tyres

    i agree with you that its a great game too

    hoped i helped somewhat but i doubt i did, also if there is a long race if you have not used the AI to do any of the other sessions on the weekend you can get them to do endurance events(i did this for le mans 2 hours)

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    Remember during qualifying the track gets quicker as the time goes by, so the times should be faster at the end.
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    I think you can set it all up from a new driver.. im sure i saw options somewhere to include practice 1,2 & qualify.. i remember skipping one practice, so only have one practice & qualify for my seasons now...
    And dont be too proud to adjust the slider bar for each race, making it your level all the time improves enjoyment loads.. each race/car is so different, a change of 5-10 either side on the AI slider can work wonders sometimes.... never make it too easy tho..

    if i dont know the track, i do enjoy using the time.. and i do need it if i dont know tracks well... ive also set my game (season races mainly) to quite a high level... so the racing is tougher, minimal mistakes usually cost podiums etc... driver aid is off/real life settings.. but tc is normally off.. i cant stand anything too easy anymore so its good to be able to tune the game to allow you to have some tight races with AI i do turn it down for the more wild cars in some invite races.. usually to a similar hard to win level tho.. just lower settings for cars i find hard to control confidently at all times... some feel like im on ice at times.. giving me secrets away as to how poor i am im not at 100 yet, i just cant catch up once i slip up...
    But you can use the AI slider bar for each race to suit your level or needs... if you cant be arsed to always qualify, then set it lower, but not too low.. make it a challenge for you to get past them all near the end of race, not just 1st 2 laps... it just makes some great racing when you make it a level similar to your own... qualifying means something that way too... so does practice sometimes but i know what you mean.. all that makes a long day doing a handful of races... and those slider bars dont reset on each race.. so you can forget and get some extreme easy/hard races that spoil the fun a little in next races...
    Practice helps to analyse how you stand with the group.. you can adjust slider after between practice & qualify.. im not sure you can after qualify to race.. not always, possible if you logged off before race maybe.. when u return the option is there again??

    maybe the slider reset/lock position is an idea for the devs?
    Lock it at suitable level for your season... and allow to change each other race if needed, but resets to 'lock position' - for the ones who arent at 100 yet it would be a good option to have... once you started race, you cant go back and change level, because if practice/qual was included with the race, then the option has gone once you pass qualify. This has got me in a mood a few times too.. i hate to quit, but being unable to do a clean lap and being lapped several times by strong AI scars you mentally somehow.. but the resetting slider could make a better experience for some. Or the possibility to have 'season only' race options for those who want to get thro the seasons quickly..

    I cant agree with the 'rewind' tho...that s#!t shold stay with the 'garage jungle-techno' scene
    dont get me wrong, those first or last corner problems get me too, aswell as random acts of erratic driving from my possible bi-polar sub-consciousness.. who knows??... ive been so angry with myself or the pedals at times its unreal... but when i settled down.. its just me & my mistakes... but it does help you cut them out when you cant rewind... and keep the AI at similar levels to your own.
    This is one of the only games ive learned to take defeat on the chin... i got tired of resetting (although i still do occasionally boooo), the season will be won despite that mistake.. or several more... top ten becomes important.. top 3 even better for points.. its made me approach races differently.. the old arcade games are long gone... the extra realism is good, take your defeat & learn from the mistakes.. the frustration is only your mind wanting to fix it...
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