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Thread: my setup

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    my setup

    hey everyone,

    except the many bugs and glitches i'm having a great time with Pcars.

    i bought myself a race seat and new steering wheel for this game.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    UGX race seat
    tv stand
    thrustmaster tx with Ferrari gte addon wheel
    th8a shifter

    and now waiting for t3pa pro pedals.

    i want to install the buttkicker gamer 2 but i don't know if i can connect it to my xbox one or tv, can someone help me?


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    AFAIK the ButtKicker 2 does support the XB1, but how you drive it depends on your other audio outputs.

    It might be worth doing a little googling on the subject to get your answer, create a new post or rename this one to draw a bit more attention to what you want to know. I run mini-LFEs on the PC, but have no experience on the XB1 side unfortunately.
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