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Thread: Multiple Controller Profiles

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    I would love if they did this! I hate having to switch between the 2 all the time.
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    I can see having extra controller profile(s) would be a great feature.
    Just added a Heusinkveld SQ shifter to my rig (next to the Fanatec CSS SQ shifter).
    I want to use the Fanatec only for H-pattern, the HE obviously for SQ.
    But now I need to reassign controls (gear Up/gear Down) each time I switch to a car that uses a different shifter...
    In AC I made a second profile and now I just switch between profiles.
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    I will vote for this also.

    Different controller profiles and button assignments for race cars or types like rally cross and and different one for road courses etc.

    Also a way to setup different driver or car profiles so my grandson can have his own setup with less force feedback etc. without having to changing it globally.

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