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Thread: Beta backer now my steam key has vanished

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    Beta backer now my steam key has vanished

    Hi - I was one of the very early backers of Project Cars, and every six months or so I downloaded the latest buld to see what was happening.

    When this process moved to Steam I had the Project CARS game in my Steam list and could download it and play.

    But... now the game is out the game has vanished from my Steam list...

    What's happened ? Feeling pretty miffed at present.


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    You will find details over at WMD forums
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    Junior and Team Members did not receive a free copy of the retail game, they got 20% and 50% discounts respectively off the purchase at the Steam store. You had access to this info through the WMD forum, you had an e-mail about it too.

    You should have a discount code in your Steam inventory, but also check what happens if you visit the pCARS store page and click the buy button.
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    You were a Junior Member.

    You won't get the Game for Free.

    You have received a Steam Copoun on your Steam Account with a 20% OFF Coupon.
    (Or you can put pCars in your Shoppin Basket and there you will receive the 20% OFF)

    Happy Racing

    For more explanation, please contiue on the WMD Forum: (Same Login as here for WMD Members...)
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    OK, thanks for clearing that up guys. Must have missed the email.

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