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Thread: Forum Rules - Please read.

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    Forum Rules - Please read.

    Forum rules

    1.1 General

    - No advertisements or linking to commercial sites in user signatures.
    Private sale posts are allowed, but any transactions arranged through this forum are the sole responsibility of the seller NOT SMS/WMD.

    - Only discuss things that are related to the game.
    We want to avoid general and subjective discussions like “Game X is better than Game Y” or “Console A is better than console B”. This is a support forum specific to this game, so only if the message or comparison is relevant to the game or question that you have, it should be posted.

    1.2 Posting

    - Be nice and friendly.
    It does not hurt to say “thank you” if somebody helped or found the right information for you.

    - No rude language.
    There are plenty of ways to get your point across in a decent manner, rude behavior will always invite more rude behavior, which solves nothing.

    - No rude, inflammatory, discriminatory or explicit content.
    Discussing inflammatory topics like religion, politics, racism etc. and posting explicit or shocking pictures or any other content that is sure to cause controversy or conflict has no place in these forums.

    - No links to illegal downloads or sites offering other illegal stuff.

    - Search first.
    Try and do a forum and FAQ search before posting a new thread or posting on a topic, and use existing threads to post/discuss similar issues.

    - Postings in English only.
    If necessary, use an online translation service or ask a fellow forum member through PM to translate your message. Be aware that many people don’t have English as their native language, so be understanding and patient, and ask for clarification if things are unclear.

    - Use meaningful problem descriptions.
    It will not be useful if you start a posting with “my game/controller/VR device etc. does not work” without any additional information, and wait for the other forum users to start asking the right questions. Make a clear problem description or explain your request as well as possible. Your hardware and software/game configuration will be very important as well as a detailed description what is going wrong. Pictures and videos, if possible, will help a lot.

    - Check your text.
    Before you post your text please read it again and check grammar and spelling and whether your message/question is clear. If your posting is longer than a few sentences, break it up in sections for readability, and use proper punctuation. If your post is not properly readable or unclear our users cannot help as well as would be possible.

    - Do not use multiple punctuation marks!!!!!!! or ALL CAPITALS.
    This does not help anything and looks impolite or intrusive.

    - Edit your posts.
    You can edit your posts if you forgot something, found a mistake or if you gathered additional information after posting. There is no need to make a new post right away if the posting has only just been made and is still the latest posting in the discussion. However, editing an old posting means that it won’t be flagged as new, so most people won’t read it. In such cases, replying to your old posting (by quoting the posting) and adding the new information is the best thing to do.

    1.3 Behaviour

    - Criticism towards SMS, the game or this support forum is welcomed, but it has to be constructive criticism that can be used to improve the game/support etc. Ranting or venting frustration does nothing to solve issues and only creates an atmosphere of conflict and anger.

    - Please be patient and considerate, both towards the people representing SMS/WMD on the forums and towards the other forum members. Do not get stressed or angry if you do not get an answer within some hours, or the correct answer that you were looking for immediately.
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