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Thread: Z1 Dashboard and Alt-Tab

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    Z1 Dashboard and Alt-Tab

    I usually run Z1 Dashboard on my second monitor, but it isn't visible even after enabling memory sharing. I assume this issue is related to the fact that my second monitor goes black when the game loads, and I can't seem to alt-tab. Has anyone figured out how to use Z1 ? My dashboard my be out of date, but I'm still confused by the black second screen and no alt-tabbing.

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    Try using the free pCars profiler. Works well.

    Click here
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    I don't run a Windows second screen app, i use Android, so not speaking from experience with this app, just general windows info

    How are the 2 screens setup in Windows?? are they set as extended mode??

    Also as a test, have you tried running Project CARS in Windowed mode, just to see if that makes a difference??? This should leave the background etc behind the window, and presumably on the second screen also.

    EDIT - I just checked the WMD forum thread for the Z1 app and there is no mention of this issue in there. Last post was from March about the 4.2 release. So most likely a windows issue, not the App or I would expect others would have also posted about it.
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    I also run z1 Dash on a second screen. For the most part it works really well. When I first start pCars, sometimes it's just a black screen. When this happens, I can Alt+Tab to the desktop and usually, that brings it back. After that, it's fine for the remainder of the session. pCars profiler outputs much of the same info but doesn't look much like a motec display if that's what your going for. vrHive, however, has a "nonmotec" display, as it calls it, that you can run on a second screen. It's still a work in progress but looks pretty good. It work a little different than z1 though. Install it and when it starts, go to the settings icon. Scroll down a little and choose as the first display "nonMotec WIP". The click home at the top and then the Connect icon. It should launch the nonmotec and you can drag it wherever.

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