Invitational race Lotus 98T at Zolder 10 laps.

I crashed out (in 2nd video) when race was fine after 6 laps going to spectator mode (this video). In those 4 laps the track became drenched from rain.

1/ AI remained on track without pitting for wets, at least their lap times dropped off by 8 seconds as indicated by the position screen. However it could be argued that it would be near impossible to drive in those conditions, yet no AI left the track. AI didn't slide or do anything unusual.

2/ AI show brake lights reflecting on the wet tarmac. Open wheelers don't have brake lights.

3/ Watch the rear brake rotor glowing. In telemetry mode the brake temps for the 98T are typically always around 1200 - 1300c

4/ Spectator mode. Even though it's the last lap, the laps remaining show 5.

This video shows the crash physics totally out of whack.