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Thread: Just served up some street justice...

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    Just served up some street justice...

    Let me preface this by saying, so far, public online races have been a nightmare for me. Can't get through the first turn without at least half the grid wrecking. Only takes one jerk to make it happen. This isn't really the fault of the developer either, just speaks to human nature and how destructive and attention starved some of us are. Private races with people from this community have been fantastic and i can't believe how well the online races run for a game that just launched!

    So just now there was a guy who took two of us down intentionally, yet couldn't drive to save his life. Full damage on, me and this other guy catch up to said wise guy and absolutely ANNIHILATE his vehicle. Completely wrecked, couldn't even move. Of course I had engine failure about a 1/4 mile up, but I got my revenge. We were the last 3 cars out of 15 so this didn't affect the race.

    I feel better now.
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