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Thread: [Xbox One] Multiplayer Bug Reports (NO CHAT!)

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    People cannot be released from the pits (when making a pit stop) when someone is specatating

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    Can't find a thread for offline bug reports etc so I'll post this here, please move elsewhere if necessary.

    I'd like to see the following fixed before support of the game is dropped.

    1. Ford Sierra AI are very very slow in a straight line, almost as if they have no turbo boost etc. On certain tracks the AI would be a match for the Merc but they don't gain time where the car is capable of it. I love the Group A class but the poor balancing means being a lone Sierra/BMW against an army of Mercs gets repetitive and boring quite quick.

    2. Formula Gulf, Formula Rookie and Ginetta Junior AI are very slow pretty much everywhere. Three of my favourite classes in game and some of the most well made cars by SMS are completely redundant offline as there is no competition. Just did Formula Gulf quick race around Donington GP, same conditions for qualifying and race. I used default setup throughout and qualified P6, AI times were decent although they didn't seem to represent what they were doing on track. I'd catch up with someone quite a bit on a lap but our lap times would be pretty much the same, sometimes mine were slower even though I was closer to someone than the lap before? In the race I was able to do same lap times as in qualifying (despite having a full tank as opposed to a virtually empty one, fuel seems to make very very little difference if any to every car in the game) but I was 5-6 seconds a lap quicker than the AI who's times I was struggling to beat one session earlier in the same conditions. Down craner curves I could overtake 3 cars between Redgate and the apex at Old Hairpin, without me having any advantage out of Redgate in terms of speed off the corner. Its as if they only had 70% throttle. Ginetta Juniors and Formula Rookie have similar problems, AI are just way too slow killing all the fun of the classes.

    3. I think this is a known problem, but for timed races the sync to race option for the weather doesn't work. Don't get any weather changes when you pick this option.

    4. This isn't a bug but it is the thing I'd like changed most of all. Please remove the look back button from the required assignments. I don't use it anyway as I use the mirrors but it takes up a space on an already limited Xbox One controller that I'd use for something else (currently can't cycle HUD, lap info etc as I have no space left).

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    Something happened on my side on a Le Mans 7 lap race. Its not the first time it happens but this one was annoying.

    Sometimes, there are invisible cars sitting on the starting grid and you collide with them. Its quite surprising because you don't see them coming and then you go flying for no reason. Its only in the replay that you see there was actually a car sitting there the entire race.

    Usually, i don't mind i get back on track that's all. But when the restrictions makes you disqualified for a collision with an invisible car sitting on the grid its bad for the results cause you didn't finish the race and its not even your fault. Its annoying because if i had a visual on it i would simply go around and continue.
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    Every time I try to go into any lobby at all I get in then Iím kicked out within 2 minutes
    Even with only one other driver. Any track. Any condition. All multiplayer. My NAT is Open so that isnít the problem

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    This is exactly what i am reporting. Was there a resolution

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