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Thread: Develop Your Skills [Safe is Fast]

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    Reckon Zhuhai for braking points. Really simple track, nothing technical. Easy to spot brake boards/ markers.
    I personally like road America for cornering. Again nothing too technical but with good visibility and the square corners allow you to practice racing line. Hit the apex, use all of the track on the exit.
    You could swap Nur GP for zhuhai, and a short variation of Silverstone/ Barcelona for Road America.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Enkidu View Post
    Thanks to everyone for providing these resources, I've learned a lot. Previously I've driven around the tracks rather casually without actually thinking too much about it - with the expected the results. Do any of you have a suggestion of good car/track combinations for practicing basic skills such as racing line, braking points, cornering etc? Last time I practiced with a Toyota GT86 on Oulton Park Island which I think gives me a good variety of challenges. But maybe there are other or even better examples?
    Any track is fine for learning. However, try to use tracks or variations of tracks where the lap times are pretty low (around 1 minute). This will allow you to have more repetitions within a shorter period of time.
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    Here's a great book. Paste the following into Amazon or Google

    Skip Barber Going Faster

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    Throughout this entire time, the brakes are almost as important as the steering wheel for controlling the direction that the car is pointed.

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