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Thread: Newbie question: Is my G27 setup correct?

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    Newbie question: Is my G27 setup correct?

    Hi everyone. I purchased my very first wheel and pedals (G27) friday and have spend amazing 10 hours so far in Project Cars. Im still getting used to using clutch, gears and so on, but i went from AI level 25 to 50 so its slowly getting better. Here for some of my newbie questions:

    I used the Jack Spade - FFB Tweaker Files. I downloaded the pack and put "2. Fy+SopLateral Mix" (named like that) into "C/Users/User Name/My Documents/Project CARS". Is that the correct way to do it?

    I did not adjust anything on the Logitech Profiler. Is that correct?

    Ingame options i only changed "Automatic Clutch" to NO. I did not change anything else. Is that correct or should i change more options?

    I know there is a setup guide for my G27 at the top, but those that factor in the Jack Spade - FFB Tweaker Files? If i use those files that should be enough, right?

    Thanks in advance and see you on the track.

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    Inside the folder "Fy+SopLateral Mix" there will be a folder named "FFB", copy that folder( or drag it) to the Project Cars folder in your Documents.

    Since you have a G27, I would suggest adjusting the Deadzone Removal Range to 0.18. Check out the G27/G25 thread for the proper screen to apply this setting. Here's a screenie.

    Click image for larger version. 

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