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Thread: (PS4)Custom Online Lobby Settings (Make Racing Wheels a Lobby Setting)

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    (PS4)Custom Online Lobby Settings (Make Racing Wheels a Lobby Setting)

    I would like to see a way for Slightly Mad to make an option for only wheel users to race in certain lobbies. I would imagine that their would be a way for the game to detect weather you are or aren't using a wheel. I'm really getting sick of playing in "Wheel Users" lobbies and you can clearly tell that 70% of the "wheel users" don't have a wheel. This is getting a little ridiculous, oval tracks are pretty much a non stop yellow flag when playing with other racers and their controllers.

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    +1. Trying to overtake some controller users is like trying to run past a snapping crocodile - they're constantly making massive adjustments side to side.

    Also, it might help filter out some of the rammers - I doubt many people who've bought the game just to ruin races have bothered to fork out for a wheel. I'd feel a bit sorry for the legit controller users though - they might end up with less competition.

    The game already has the functionality to recognise if you're a wheel/controller user because it shows which you have used to set a time on the leaderboard.
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    the game already detects wheel users , if u look into ur profile, u'll see what i mean. i dunno if it detects that for online lobbies tho ... so they can implement what u want.

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    Alternatively, when are they going to introduce the driver rating system? I remember a little while ago they said they would pool "like-minded" drivers together based on their driver rating (I'd assume something like GTAVs cheater pool). This would really help make cleaner races, keep the rammers together and keep the clean guys together (win/win).

    I don't see segregating wheel users from pads as good thing, there are tons of really clean/pro drivers using a controller and would be a shame to leave those guys/girls out. I've also seen quite a few wheel users that aren't exactly "squeaky clean", so the theory of wheel users being cleaner isn't always true. That said, there's too much grey area to force segregation - in my opinion anyway.
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    I agree , it is possibly unfair on controller users who race against wheel users unless its me that is lol,,,,,

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