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Thread: Cobra TransAm Bug on Sonoma GP

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    Cobra TransAm Bug on Sonoma GP

    Just now tried to start a Free Practice of Sonoma GP using the Ford Mustang Cobra TransAm. I finish making my tune adjustments and click Drive. The car then pulls straight forward from the first pit stall and runs into the pit wall, then idles while rubbing the pit wall all the way to the Manual Control line, where I am then able to take control.

    The speed is low enough that I haven't noticed any damage done to the vehicle other than cosmetic/clouds of dust along the wall.

    This behavior did not occur during a quick-race pit stop, so I don't think it is much of an issue. It just caught me off guard wondering if my wheel was on the fritz when I went to practice.

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    I had that happen with a Ford Focus too during free practice at Sonoma. I didn't see it after 1.3 so I assumed it was fixed but I guess not.

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    Happens at Spa with the Ford MKIV as well. Car slams into the corner of the pit wall.
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