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Thread: Incar exposure

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    Lightbulb Incar exposure


    I know it was tweaked some months ago, but I'm still finding that, incockpit, the world is way to dark.
    I haven't test every cars/tracks combo possbile, but I was doing races @Spa and @Lemans with Mclarren Gt3 and Sauber C9, both @dusk, and it was near impossible to see the track and beamlight onground.
    Each time I race when the sun is comming down/night I switch to hood-cam because it's the only way te see well infront of me.

    I think that having the exposure tweaked again, or at least a slider to adjust it like we want, could help a lot, and may be the awser for other topis I read about people finding beamlights too weak
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    I'm finding clear days overexposed in the helmet view. All sorts of blown out highlights and lots of detail. Gives me a headache.

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