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Thread: DLC Idea

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    DLC Idea

    This DLC could be called "American Fury". Since there's a Stock Car in the game, there should be at least one Nascar track. Daytona International Speedway, Texas Motor Speedway, Phoenix International Raceway would be great for the Stock Car. A 2016 Ford GT, 2015 Corvette Z06, and the SRT Viper GT3-R would be in the pack. American liveries for those cars would be awesome! This probably won't happen, but it's just an idea. A DLC like this could be made for a British, German, Italian, etc. dlc. Thanks for reading!
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    A neat little idea for promoting upcoming DLC could be too do a teaser reveal video for each over a period of a week like Evolution Studios do for DRIVECLUB. It keeps people thinking about the game and going back to see the latest addition.

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