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Thread: Triple screen nVidia card users - how's your performance?

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    Triple screen nVidia card users - how's your performance?

    I know there's another thread on the front page about triple screen video cards, but that one was geared more towards ATi/AMD and I didn't want to derail the guy's post.

    I'm trying to figure out how much video card I'll need to run three screens, 5760 x 1080 at a respectable framerate with decent quality settings. Not necessarily looking to max everything out.

    I want to stick with an nVidia card, and am interested to see what kind of performance you guys are getting and what cards you're using.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    I'm running 2 x GTX780Ti's in SLi on one 21:9 monitor with a resolution of 3440 x1440, so not quite pushing as many pixels as you want to.

    With everything maxed I get between 50 - 60 fps usually but that does drop into the 40's with bad weather and lots of cars on track. But by dropping only a few graphic features by a notch I can maintain over 100 fps and don't notice any appreciable difference in image quality.
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    I've just upgraded to a 980ti and I'm very happy with what FPS I get now. I have settled on a config that's about 80ish on a TT and drops to low 70's when racing with AI. Not tried with rain yet, but as "Slim" mentions, maybe a small tweak here and there and I'll be back to acceptable levels.

    For ref, this is what I run the settings at (taken from another thread I just posted it to):
    Visual FX Tab: Everything on
    Texture Res: High
    Texture Filt: 8x
    AA: DS2X
    FXAA - Off
    SMAA - Off
    Reflections: Low
    Env map: High
    Car Detail: Ultra
    Track Detail: Ultra
    Shadow: Low
    Blur: Off
    Render: 1
    Grass: off/low (doesn't seem to make a huge difference)
    Particle Level: High
    Particle Density: High
    Headlights Stretched: Yes

    I then have NVidia FXAA enabled.

    With Win10 changes and a new DX12 engine from SMS, then the 980ti will certainly be close to maxing out the graphic settings. With that future in mind maybe a pair of 970s would be a cheaper route, even if you have to give up some graphical goodness in the short term.
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