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Thread: Historic invitational event

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    Historic invitational event

    I've just completed the Formula Rookie events (i think) and got invited to a Historic event where i drive a Ford Escort MK1. To jump from a Formula Rookie car to this one was very different. Suddenly it was way harder to feel what the wheels did, when i locked or slipped. A lot of this has to do with the properties of the cars themselves, but still, it didn't give a good feeling. I managed to get the car somewhat better by adjusting the brakes and tire pressure, but there is no possibility of adding any more camber, which i felt the car needed.

    Maybe i could benefit from some force feedback adjustments (t500rs f1), but i don't know what to adjust. I'd like more feeling from the wheels, when i lock under braking and some warning before it spins, but it (the wheel) don't need to get "harder" if you know what i mean.

    Can anyone help me a bit here?

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