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Thread: [PC/XB1/PS4] vrHive - Dashes/Telemetry/Live Data/Arduino/Client-Server/+more

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    Quote Originally Posted by overkill_pt View Post
    I @mickeyTT, first of all congrats on this app , it’s awesome.

    Secondly, is there any explanation on how we link a video file to a session?
    Yesterday I had a race (I use PS4 and pcars2), and I transmited the race to YouTube. Then I downloaded the file from YouTube and tried to link it to the session but I get the error “Video start position not correctly set”.

    Yes, there is a bit in the guide explaining what to do. Basically you have to tell vrHive what start time to use for the start of the 1st lap. Spool the video along and then when you're ready right click the graph to pause it and then right click the video to set the start position. You may need to do a little tweaking of the position, but it should be fairly accurate.

    Quote Originally Posted by Noxvi View Post
    Hey Mikey awesome app, I've successfully connected it to my PS4 using the UDP feature and it works like a charm but I can't get to grips with how to connect it to my mates PC so he can use the Race engineer feature, I've been reading some of the forums and tried searching but nothing helped. I could use some help with this, thanks in advance!
    Have a look at the networking section in the guide. Basically you want to set vrHive in Server mode (don't touch your UDP settings). This then triggers the other networking side of the app. On your mates PC set that in Client mode. Put your PCs IP address and the port that's displayed in settings into your mates PC and then when you start by hitting the green tile, they will be able to connect up.

    Alternatively you could just get them to connect to the UDP stream coming from your PS4. There is no limit to the amount of machines that can consume the stream. If you're traversing routers/firewalls then it's all a bit more complicated, but you just have to make sure that *your* router forwards all traffic over the selected port to your PC.
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    Hi, I still have the admin issue while starting vrhive under Win10x64, with lowest UAC setting. Do you have any suggestion, what's wrong?

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