Congratulations to giorjoe on his 2nd Win of the season Dnns84 achieves his best result of 2nd Place so far and you can never overlook The_Bag_ on his 3rd Place finish and consistent podium results. His 6th podium of the season?

Nurburging Race report:

My crew forgot to drain the excess fuel for qualifying and I could not find an open road to get my qualifying laps without interfering someone. Later my team were in a rush to get me out in an open area of the road so I really only got one lap to qualify as I only got 2 laps in with the lower fuel. Oh well, I qualified in 12th Position. Now came the fun part!
My start was good and I managed to pass 2 but then I encounter commotion in Turn 1 and had to slow down cautiously for Pexy's upside-down car. I had to do it all again a couple of turns later as I encountered tarbz sideways nearly stopped on the road and had to slam on the brakes. Later in the lap, legacy went off road and I just managed to squeeze by and now I was in 10th from 12th. I feel sorry for Pexy as the corner workers were new and not to brawny as they were unable to upright Pexy’s car no matter how hard they tried. Great! Now I had legacy all over me for an eternity ( 9 Laps ) exerting tremendous pressure and I just took a little too much of Turn 8 to get my wheels in the kitty litter and I did not want to just turn back on the road in his path so he went by. He started to pull away and soon passed both Jod and Roundrocket and now rocket was my target. I pushed just enough to close the gap and after the pit cycle, roundrocket was just ahead of me. I continue to pressure and get closer and he finally overcooked his tires just after Turn 7 on Lap 18 which gave me 8th Place. Up ahead about 6 seconds was Zebulin99 so I continue to push and for the next laps I lost some and gained some but then about 2 or 3 laps from the end I began to reel him in and thought he must be having problem with his tires and smelled my opportunity. Sure enough I managed to get right at his transmission and it was not to be. I finished in 8th Place. I needed the proverbial “just one more lap” to try to get it done but no cigar.

Here is the link to my race if you want to see it full screen. Helmet view and no assists used.