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Thread: Zakspeed and 320 Turbo Group 5 Setup talk

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    Zakspeed and 320 Turbo Group 5 Setup talk

    I love these cars, they are my favourite!

    I wanted to see if the community had some tips to tuning these cars. As much info as possible would be great.

    I personally don't run assists and a couple things bother me. I use bumper view so things tend to be bumpy anyway but these things bounce and squirm all over. Especially at Cadwell GP, which is my websites current HLC.

    It's tough for me to drive the BMW 320 with anything lower than 5 rear aero. I find it tough to get the front end to be responsive without the car feeling overall twitchy and through the esses at the end of Cadwell the car is crazy to control.

    As I say I love these cars and will continue to drive them always so could do with knowing some secrets about them.

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