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Thread: Congratulations on ai in 2.5

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    Congratulations on ai in 2.5

    Had my first proper series of races against the ai today.

    I've been running formula a races from the back of a 30 racer grid for months, and worked my way up, to just winning at 90%. Today, same race at Spa, I'm finishing middle of the field.

    The AI are very competitive, not giving up on places and fighting back, spent most of the last race at spa fighting for 22nd and that's lowering bqck to 85%! also noticed that in the inevitable bumps they give me i don't fly off the track.

    Really massive improvement.

    Only negative is that the engineer, who has rarely given me any useful info, now doesn't even mention when I'm out of fuel, always has before.
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    I've found them good as well. I've only done Caterham Sp at Donnington and things are very competitive and tidy for me at 77% unfortunately/fortunately. But I can't really call that "testing" necessarily since there's no real curbs for the AI to jump there, which I think is one of the biggest things to keep under control.
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    Its good news that the AI is improving , I enjoy having the od Ai Race .

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