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Thread: Any performance improvements with Oculus Rift in Windows 10?

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    Any performance improvements with Oculus Rift in Windows 10?

    I was wondering if anyone has already tried using pCars with Oculus Rift in Windows 10.

    I'm currently running Windows 8.1 and my CPU is a huge bottleneck (utilisation close to 100%). The GPU runs at around 60%. All settings are on low/disabled and I'm using skipcrowds.

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    GPU: GTX 970
    Latest Oculus Drivers

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    Hi mate. Oculus runtime is currently not really working in Windows 10. You can get *some* functionality if you use the Windows 8.1 drivers AND an upgraded install (i.e. not a clean install of Win10) but then you lose the benefit of the WDDM2 Win 10 drivers.

    But personally I'd recommend waiting for oculus to release a compatible runtime... so join the rest of us who are checking the internet every day to see if one has been released lol.
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    Snap, latest oculus runtime is a real cpu killer, comnined with pcars gpu doesn't get to do a lot.
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