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Thread: Z1 Dashboard

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    does the Z1 color LCD still exist for purchase? could not find it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vahagn_hayk View Post
    does the Z1 color LCD still exist for purchase? could not find it.

    It definitely does. And we just lowered the prices by $25! Note that you need to use a desktop machine when browsing the site, as the phone friendly version doesn't show the LCD screen.
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    The Z1 Dashboard can display various icons at the lower right of the screen.

    If you see the 'DL' icon that means that data logging is currently active. By default data logging is always active. So whenever you are driving the car the system will capture the data so you can review it in the Z1 Analyzer.

    If you are connected to the Z1 Server you will see a green bar which monitors the status of the connection. A short green bar is what you are aiming for. If it gets longer or turns orange or red then the connection quality is not as good as it could be.

    Try it out today by downloading the demo:

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    Here's a brand new Z1 LCD touch-screen in black gloss with Carbon Fiber ready to go to its new owner! This is a great way to display the Z1 Dashboard software on your racing rig.

    You can check out the options here:

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    One of the great features of the Z1 Dashboard is that you can switch between dashboards on the fly. You can have up to 10 dashboards assigned to a car. These could be various track maps, or car dashboards, or telemetry, or timing & scoring, or a combination of all of them.

    To switch between them just map a wheel or button box button to 'next' and another one to 'last'. It is that easy!

    To make things even easier for you, all cars have 6 dashboards assigned to them by default:
    1) The car's main dashboard
    2) The track map dashboard
    3) The timing & scoring dashboard
    4) The telemetry dashboard
    5) The adjustment dashboard
    6) The pit stop dashboard

    It another way to Z1 Dashboard makes your racing more fun and exciting!

    Download the demo today:

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    Did you know the Z1 Dashboard software can be run multiple times simultaneously? When you run the software you create what is known as an "instance." If the software is running and you attempt to run it again, you will create another instance of the software, and end up with two windows both running the software. You may create up to 6 separate instances.

    The advantage of multiple instances of the software is that you can have different dashboards displayed on each instance and can position each one wherever you need it. For example you could have four instances all running simultaneously. One instance could display the main dashboard for the car; another the Track Map dashboard; another the Timing and Scoring dashboard; and another the Telemetry dashboard.

    Download the demo and try it out today:

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    If you've got a laptop or Windows tablet (or even a second computer) you can put it to work running your Z1 Dashboard or display live telemetry with the Z1 Analyzer. The Z1 Server allows you to broadcast your sim's data across your home network!

    In addition to the sim's data it also broadcasts your button inputs, so the Z1 Dashboard can respond to them just as if it was running on the same machine as your wheel or button box.

    The Z1 Server comes with the Z1 software package and is the perfect way to make use of that extra computer, laptop or Windows tablet!

    Download the demo today:

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    During a race things are intense! Anything that helps take the load off you is helpful. The Z1 Dashboard has a setting that lets you choose which dashboard should be displayed when you engage the pit speed limiter. This allows you to quickly switch to any dashboard you like when entering the pits.

    You could choose the default pit dashboard, showing you fuel information and a customizable pit message. Or you could have the track map display, allowing you to keep track of your competitors. Or any of the other over 60 dashboards.

    To set the desired dashboard, simply go to the Car 1 tab, and select the dashboard from the Limiter Dash drop down. The dash needs to be included in your dashboard rotation for the selected car. Once chosen, click OK, and that dashboard will be displayed when you engage the pit speed limiter!

    Download the demo today:

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    Did you know you the Z1 Dashboard lets you customize the background color of the gauges in the RUF dashboards? You can have any color you want! Just go to the Car 2 tab of the settings dialog and choose your background color and click OK.

    Everyone has their own personality, so make sure your dashboard reflects yours.

    Download the demo today:

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    Version 4.5.3 is available.

    v 4.5.3
    * Fixed a bug that could cause the Dashboard to become unresponsive after minimizing and restoring the window.

    * Fixed a bug where the track map in the Track Map 4 dashboard could be drawn off-center.

    * Updated DRS support for new iRacing API.

    Owners can get the update from the MyDashboard page (

    Or you can download the demo here:

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