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Thread: Z1 Analyzer

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    The Z1 Analyzer also allows you to view live telemetry. It can connect to any of the supported sims so that you can view telemetry as it happens! It will even connect to the Z1 Server so you can run it on a laptop or secondary computer or tablet.

    To get the live telemetry started just go to the Select Lap Dialog and click on the live telemetry button.

    The next thing you know, you'll be viewing live telemetry!

    Download the demo today:
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    Won't start. I get missing MSVCP140.dll.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pigsy View Post
    Won't start. I get missing MSVCP140.dll.
    Try this:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mahjik View Post
    What he said. You'll need the 32 bit version.

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    Version 1.2.2 of the Z1 Analyzer is available. This includes a few bug fixes:
    Fixed a bug where the shock deflection, ride heights and front splitter heights could display in centimeters instead of millimeters.

    Fixed a bug that could prevent partial laps of a circuit (such as at the Nurburgring tourist configuration) from being loaded.

    If you were experiencing these please go to the MyDashboard page ( and download the latest version.

    If you haven't tried the Z1 Analyzer yet, please get the demo today:

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    The Z1 Analyzer is designed for ease of use. The main layout consists of 9 traces. And if you want to change them that is easy! You don't need to search through endless text menus, complicated formulas or variables for a particular piece of data. Just go to the Layout tab in the Settings dialog.

    The left side shows your current layout. The right side shows all the available traces in easy to see images. Just click once where you want to place a trace; then click once on the trace on the right. Your selected trace will then appear where you wanted it. It is as easy as that!

    Download the demo today:

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    The Z1 Analyzer presents a lot of information about your lap in as easy to read a format as possible. But there is only so much space to display this information. So what do you do if you want to see things in more detail? The answer is you zoom in!

    You can left click and drag to highlight any section of any trace. Then when you release the mouse button the Z1 Analyzer will zoom in to the highlighted section of the lap on all the traces and the track map.

    You can zoom in as many times as you like, making it extremely easy to view the exact amount of detail you need. To restore the full lap, just double click anywhere on a trace.

    Also, did you know that when the trace shows the full lap, double clicking on it will zoom you in to a ten second portion? And double clicking on the steering trace will zoom you in to the specific corner you click on? Try it out to see the results!

    Download the demo today:

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    Did you know that if you double click on the steering trace in the Z1 Analyzer that it will zoom in to the corner defined by that part of the trace? This lets you easily zoom into any turn you want with just a click-click of your mouse!

    If you have two laps loaded you can then see which one was faster. You can also play the lap back for just that turn to see where you are gaining or losing time.

    The Z1 Analyzer is all about making you go faster as easily as possible. And this is just one more way things are made as easy as possible for you when using the analyzer.

    Download the demo today:

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    Quote Originally Posted by zBlueSoftware View Post
    Supporting the UDP data stream is on our list, for both this and the Z1 Dashboard.
    Do you have a time frame for udp support yet
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    Quote Originally Posted by inthebagbud View Post
    Do you have a time frame for udp support yet
    We are working on it and would like to get it in the next release (end of March). But we are not certain it will make that at this time.
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