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Thread: Car setup for GINETTA G40 junior in SPA-Francorchamps help me

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    Post Car setup for GINETTA G40 junior in SPA-Francorchamps help me

    Someone help me a good car setup for GINETTA G40 JUNIOR SPA-Francorchamps circuit. I can not move much, tested original'm turning 3:05.599

    Someone posts a picture car setup I thank.

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    I like this one: It's for Oulton Park but should be adaptable for Spa.
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    Thanks.I have tested this car configuration turning 3.04.790 . I saw a guy who is turning 2:57.908

    I would like to beat 2:58 is difficult to lower car setup

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    Testing out the car quickly, I'm honestly of the opinion that to match the 2:58 time what you need isn't a setup, but driving practice. My first flying lap with the car in Free Practice with the default setup and gamepad got me a 3:00.9, and I haven't driven either the track or the car in ages. With the better grip and low fuel of Time Trial, I can easily see this time going below 3:00, the weight reduction from 45 liters to 5 liters (40 l * 0.75 kg/l=30 kg) should already help considerably in a car this light and low powered. Quick testing in Time Trial suggests that with a gamepad I'd get around 2:58.9 if I went at it, losing most time in sector 2 due to not being able to steer, brake and accelerate as accurately as I can with a wheel. The default setup is easily good enough to go under 3 minutes, it just takes a lot of smooth driving, maximizing the throttle and minimizing the braking to get there. Small things make a big difference in this car, the difference between hitting the top of Eau Rouge at 164 km/h and 166-167 km/h is about 0.2-0.3 seconds at the first sector split, just by itself.

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