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Thread: Project Cars loses my user settings

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    Project Cars loses my user settings

    Hello there,

    I hope that this question was not already answered but I did not find anything about that.

    I have the strange problem that pCars loses my user settings after I quit the game. When I start it the next time I have to setup my controller, graphic settings an all the other
    settings that should be safed.

    I just recognized this problem after upgrading to windows 10.

    Maybe someone can help me !?

    *edit, ok looks like the graphic settings are saved somehow, but every time I restart the game I have to reassign my controller, calibrate it and so on ...
    even my last used car and track are not saved.
    Best regards ...
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    Is your resolution refresh rate correct? IIRC, on a fresh profile, pCARS defaulted to 1920x1080 @24Hz and settings were never saved. I had to change it to 59Hz.

    Are you calibatrating/ tweaking the controller profile pCARS gives you by default, or are you changing controller profiles? My wheel is given the "Fanatec 911 GT3 RS gated shifter" profile, even though I do not have a shifter add-on, but if I calibrate/assign functions it works each time I start pCARS. If I change to the "sequential shifter" variant, pCARS forgets my settings next time I start up pCARS.
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    Thanks for yout tip.
    Well shame on me ... seems like I just forgot to install some Windows 10 drivers for my wheel. Found some Fanatec v222 Beta drivers and now it seems to work.

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