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Thread: Sonoma pit crash in free play

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    Sonoma pit crash in free play

    Still a lot of tracks I haven't tried, but the other night I fired up PCARS and tried out Sonoma for the first time. Great track, but every time that I am coming out of the pits in single player (free mode) the car runs straight into the barrier and then scrapes its way down to the exit. Several cars and even variations of the circuit didn't help. I did a search, but found nothing covering it.

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    I'm pretty sure I've posted about this before. When you click drive, your car ghosts through all the other cars in the pit stalls, not pulling out into the actual pit lane. When car reaches the end of the pit stalls and the lane kinks to the left, the car continues straight into the barrier and rubs the barrier all the way to just before you take control of the car, preventing you from running into the water/sand barrels at the end of the barrier. It is not just player cars that do this. The AI divers also slam/rub into the wall, but not all of them. Some pull out into the pit lane, most do not. I think it may be only those cars at the very first few pit stalls as you enter the pits that get to pull out normally.

    I have one clip that doesn't show this very well, but at least you could see other AI cars hitting the wall in the minimap. Maybe I'll recreate this and get a clip showing everything, but I don't think it's necessary. This is a known issue.
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