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Thread: Project CARS - Aston Martin Track Expansion - Content overview

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    This was a nice expansion. I hope they update a few things to make it more online friendly. Instead of adding pits they could add staging areas that would allow practice and qualifying rounds to take place. I was also really happy to see a drag strip listed however it's not an actual race.

    -Would it be hard to add a script for a .4 pro tree and then to add the drag strip online. It would be great to start behind the staging area, do a quick burnout to warm up your tires, and then stage and race.

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    Seems to be a sound problem with the downshift on the 1959 Aston Martin DBR1, it never seems complete, half the time it doesn't exist at all.
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    gah. i really wish this Mojave track was online.. this would make me play pCars every single day.

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    I whis I could just do a practice session and not only a race. This is a big bummer for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gopher04 View Post
    Seems to be a sound problem with the downshift on the 1959 Aston Martin DBR1, it never seems complete, half the time it doesn't exist at all.
    I have also noticed this, but only when I use auto clutch and paddle shifter, not when I use my manual shifter and clutch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Machinist90 View Post
    why is the endurance category ignored for contracts with every DLC?
    It will also offer the Endurance version.It issaying that car is with this team, no matter what series

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