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Thread: Making a Video

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    Making a Video

    Hey folks. Had a eureka moment earlier, and want to make a video using PCars.

    I want to do a video by starting by pulling out of the pits and doing a lap. Can I save more than 2 mins of a practice session?

    I've not done a video of a game before, so any tips are welcome!

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    Umer Ahmad
    Test this.

    Do a practice session. After 2 minutes pause the game and click View Replay. I think the whole replay starting from the pits should be available for you. Then you can Save Replay and watch it later ven from the player HIGHLIGHTS menu

    Of course you'll need recording software like MSI afterburner or fraps or DXtory to record the video, there is no recording software inside project cars. Use the forum search to fins threads about those recording softwares.

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    G'day mate
    If you have a reasonable nVidia card, GeForce Experience has game recording software you can use to record as you play
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