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Thread: AI Cars, it appears the AI cars use the force (and other assists)

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    Angry AI Cars, it appears the AI cars use the force (and other assists)

    Watch the car on my right, it not only uses the grass .. but also manages to break for the corner and take it at racing speed

    i crashed because i was going WTF
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    it has been well documented with videos, fully agree, but still being denied and blamed on player...long story short, nothing will change with AI, as we users ade blamed 97% of the time in threads similar to yours....

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    Apparently AI use a simplified physics model because if they used the same model as humans the little cumputing devices we play on could not cope with the number crunching load. So they are not going to behave like a real person. I guess SMS could make them drive more conservatively and not do some of the weird off road tricks they pull, but that could lead to AI being passive, moving witches hats like in games such as GT.
    A lot of us like AI in PCARS and if you accept them for what they are, a flawed facsimile, then you can have fun racing them.
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