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Thread: Project CARS PS4 Patch 6.0 Release Notes

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    Stephen Viljoen

    Project CARS PS4 Patch 6.0 Release Notes

    Hi all,

    Here are the release notes for the PS4 version of Patch 6.

    Project CARS – PS4 Patch 6.0 – Release notes

    • NEW – host kick function. The host of an online game can now select to immediately kick a player from the server. Kicked players will be auto-kicked if they attempt to rejoin the same multiplayer session.
    • NEW – mandatory pit stop option. The Lobby admin can opt to force a single pitstop during any race.
    • NEW – option to set race length by time (also available in Quick Race)
    • NEW – ‘Allow Ghosted Vehicles’ option added so that the lobby admin can decide if he wants vehicles ghosted or not when they drive the wrong way.
    • NEW – dynamic race-end timer feature. In public races, the timer is 50% of the slowest moving car's lap time. In private races, the timer is 75% of slowest moving car's lap time.
    • Fixed an exploit where a player could be awarded a win by jumping the start.
    • Fixed an issue where, if the host is forcing realistic driving assists, the player wasn’t able to toggle the allowed assists on or off while in-race.
    • Fixed an issue where, if Forced Default Setup is used, the pit crew would not change tyres until they’re completely worn. The tyres will now be changed when at least one tyre is worn down by 25% or more.
    • Improved VOIP quality for the in-game chat system.

    • Fixed a bug where drivers in a simulated series can all end up with ‘INVALID NAME!’.
    • Fixed a bug where AI opponents would attempt to use DLC cars that are not installed.
    • The player will no longer be offered a contract renewal for a DLC contract, if they've since uninstalled that DLC.
    • DLC Career contract emails earned while a DLC was installed, are no longer shown if DLC is then uninstalled.
    • If the player’s current contract is a DLC contract and the player uninstalls this DLC, the career season using this DLC contract will finish for the player when entering Dashboard and they will have to pick from valid contract offers to continue (or reinstall the uninstalled DLC).
    • Fixed an issue where the Modified Cars Pack and Limited Edition DLC Invitationals and Accolades were visible for players who do not own these DLC packs. Entering these invitational events would cause the player and AI to be in non-matching vehicles.
    • Fixed an issue where at times the pit crew wouldn’t change the tyre set to the one selected in pit-strategy.

    • Fixed an issue where remapping KERS would stop it working
    • Fixed an issue where changes made to Gamepad Advanced Options were not saved.
    • Added Thrustmaster T150 support

    • Zolder – fixed a potential ‘landmine’ issue.
    • Le Mans – adjusted the 55th garage spot to correct an issue where the cars would hit the pit wall on exiting this spot.
    • Donington – all layouts – fixed an issue where cars would make contact with the left side wall when exiting some garages.
    • Road America – pre-race camera tweaked to prevent the camera from clipping with the ground.
    • Ruapuna Park – all layouts – fixed an issue with the last garage spot being outside garage area.
    • Mojave – all layouts – fixed an issue with floating tyre skid marks, fixed an issue with rain being visible inside tunnels, and placed visible barriers in areas where the player is not allowed to drive.

    • Bentley Continental GT3 – fixed DLC livery windscreen banners.
    • Ruf CTR3 SMS-R – increased default tire pressure to work better with tire warmers.
    • Toyota GT86 Rocket Bunny – fixed an issue with the windscreen banner.

    Physics & AI
    • AI – improved awareness and look-ahead to help with situations in multi-class races, where AI in a fast car would fail to avoid the player and AI in much slower cars.
    • Tyre updates – fixed an issue on several tyres to prevent FFB buzz when tread becomes worn very thin, re-calibrated most tyres for a carcass heating fix when the tyres are underinflated, adjusted wear rates on GT3, Group C, Trans-Am/GTO, DTM, and LMP rubber.
    • Implemented support to remove detached wheels from the track after a certain amount of time.
    GUI & HUD
    • Vehicle selection – manufacturer page now orders icons alphabetically.
    • Improved the French translations for some of the items in the vehicle setup screens.
    • Minor updates to Career Dashboard – motorsports & DN Profile buttons are now tiles consistent with other tabs, Inbox is now full screen with clearer indication of highlighted mail, and initial Accept Contract Offer screen now has improved layout and clearer indication of signature button.
    • Improved Race Central screen – better balanced background image, removed gradient in top-right corner
    • Track layout map images are now displayed on the quick track selection screens.
    • Fixed an issue where ‘Invert Camera Y Axis’ text was being displayed as ‘Automatic Clutch’.

    • Fixed an issue during pit stops where the pit crew mistakes ratio was too high.
    • Driver name tags above cars can now be turned on for replays.
    • Entering the pits during a Time Trial will now invalidate that lap’s time.
    • Improved Helmet view exposure for historic drivers.
    • General game stability improvements.

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    Since Mahjik is currently offline, I hope he won't mind me quoting him from the PC Patch 6.0 thread :

    Quote Originally Posted by Mahjik View Post
    As with all Patch Notes threads, we are NOT discussing what is NOT in the patch. There are other places for that. Future comments of the same will be removed.
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    To instantly kick someone how does a host kick the naughty driver in a race? Do they have to pull over, go out to the lobby and then select vote to kick or is there functionality to do it while driving?
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    Good question.... The host is racing like everybody else. Will he have to jeopardize his race to kick someone?

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    Im at the hospital right now waiting for my GF to give birth of my son.
    Guess we'll be there for a couple of days.
    I aint even mad that the NA patch is not out yet... I cant play anyway haha.

    Thx for the timed races
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    Congrats GenBrien!
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    Thanks for the patch and those notes! Good stuff in it as always [thumbs-up]!

    Special thanks for "Improved VOIP quality for the in-game chat system.". I really hope its better now as this was really a pain so far.

    Timed races/false start DQ and race finish timer calculation will be updated next patch I guess, as this has been discussed a lot along the PC patch already. So Im all good with that, as we can omit some of the new features and use work-arounds in league races until the next patch shows up.

    Why is the PS4 patch twice the size of the PC patch? Is it only because of different compression algorithms in Steam/PSN? The last PS4 patch was also much bigger than the others...

    Good luck and all the best for all the three of you!
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    Is the mandatory pit stop option also available in solo?

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    Umer Ahmad
    Quote Originally Posted by JohnSchoonsBeard View Post
    To instantly kick someone how does a host kick the naughty driver in a race? Do they have to pull over, go out to the lobby and then select vote to kick or is there functionality to do it while driving?
    Yes, it simply the existing voting process except now if the host does it that single "host vote" it is sufficient to kick the offender. Less democracy needed now.
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    So the patch is out for ps4 today?
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