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Thread: DFGT ffb too heavy

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    DFGT ffb too heavy

    After default settings have been added to the game I can't find my "perfect ffb". One of the default settings has clipping and other one is overall good but still too heavy. Maybe someon can recommend me settings for DFGT? I'm using Jack Spade's tweaker files. I lost hope that i'll get it right.

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    DF Pro here, also using Jack's tweaker files. Because I alternate between keyboard and wheel control (keyboard when I'm testing my app), all the fancy wheel settings that Jack recommends get lost and I can't be bothered faffing around setting it all up each time. So I just use Jack's files + the "classic" FFB setting in the menu. It's OK, perhaps not as good as it is with all the faffing around, but to be honest the FFB in this game / wheel combo has never been better than 'bearable'. Waste of time farting about with it IMO

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    Drop the Mz scale per car and will ease the heavy feeling you are getting , keep everything else as it is ....

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