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Thread: Steam Controller motion controls

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    Steam Controller motion controls

    Hello all

    I'm about to recommend something, if you could refrain from spitting on me that would be great!

    Until quite recently I haven't been firing up pCARS all that often, not the games fault, I just find getting the wheel out to be a bit of a faff these days. So when I got my hands on the new Steam Controller I pretty much instantly dove into pCARS to try and create something better than analogue stick movement. I've made a config using the gyro controls to try an mimic a wheel as close as I can.

    Personally I think it works a treat, an input device I can pick up and put down without any fuss that offers so much more precision than the 360 pad could ever dream of.

    If you have a Steam Controller give it a bash. I recommend using my settings, or your own if you have the time, there are lots of sloppy gyro configs around at the mo.

    Here's a video.
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    looks like it works brilliantly !

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    Yeah, it does! It's really quite surprising.

    Of course comparing it to a wheel you lose FFB, physical re-centering etc but you have to remind yourself that it's not really about what you lose from using a wheel, it's what you gain from using a pad.

    For me it's made casual pick up and play pCARS way more enjoyable and actually pretty competitive.

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    I tried your configuration and keep spinning out, i am using Auto gears do you think this may be the problem, also on some cars it just spins out regardless. one of the Mustang Muscle cars that i want to drive is terrible for it. Do you stick to the same controller settings for all cars or change them around. I know this post is old but any help would be appreciated.

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