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Thread: Multiplayer Xbox ONE

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    Multiplayer Xbox ONE

    enry68tdl admin forum

    Good morning everyone!!
    We are currently experiencing problems with the online, especially after the release of the "new xbox experience" and its updates!! It may be that this new OS has worsened the game?? or that the game wants adapted to this new system?
    Before the "new xbox experience" could play in 10 nn more ... otherwise the room was falling or there was some lag!!
    Now also in 5-6 we find it hard to get them to come into the room and finish a race regularly!!
    We also checked the network parameters of the Xbox ... but is open and NAT network connection to place!!
    You can check where the problem is so that you can fix with the next patch?
    Thank you and congratulations ... Apart from these problems is a great game!!

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    Ya, it's so frustrating!!

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