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Thread: Trustmaster T150 not working on PS4

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    Hi Luminated,

    I'm glad you got it working! I've set my T150 to 540 degrees, because just like you said it was the best compromise between steering feel and realism. Most people set theirs to 900 degrees and then adjust each cars steering ratio to dial in the feeling and handling. I got sick of doing that and decided to stick to 540. It's "wrong", technically speaking, but it works for me. If you are looking to further tune it, here are the settings that work for me. It may not be perfect, but I think it's a pretty good base to start at. The 540 setting makes it feel like a real race car, as I was steering too much at 900. Plus the FFB and effect of hitting bumps, etc. improved, too. I race tin tops (mainly GT3 and GT4) so I won't vouch for my settings with Formula or LMP, but it might give you guys a good starting point. Here are my settings, and I hope they help:

    Wheel: Thrustmaster T150 *Set at 540 not 270/360/900/1080 degrees!


    1. To set degrees: Press and hold the option button, click right arrow on direction pad, release both buttons (option and right D pad) and watch for flashing red light. Repeat until you get 3 flashes = 540 degrees.

    I mainly race GT3 & GT4 (and other tin tops). Results of 540 degrees might be different with other car types (ex: Formula or LMP).

    2. Main Screen – Options and Help – Controls – Calibrate Wheel (remember to set to 540 as per Direction #1) – Calibrate Pedals –Save Calibrations.

    3. Go back Configuration. Then use these settings:

    Steering Deadzone (1)
    Steering Sensitivity (50)
    Throttle Deadzone (1)
    Throttle Sensitivity (50)
    Brake Deadzone (1)
    Brake Sensitivity (50)
    Clutch Deadzone (1)
    Clutch Sensitivity (35)
    Speed Sensitivity (1)
    Controller Filtering Sensitivity (0)
    Damper Saturation (0)
    Force Feedback (85)
    RPM/Gear Display (Yes)
    Controller Input Mode (3)
    Advanced (On)
    Soft Steering Dampening (On)
    Visual Wheel Filtering (On)
    Opposite Lock Help (Off)

    Now go back to Controls – Calibrate Force Feedback and save these settings:

    Tire Force (100)
    Per Wheel Movement (0)
    Per Wheel Movement Squared (0)
    Wheel Position Smoothing (0.04)
    Deadzone Removal Range (0.00)
    Deadzone Removal Falloff (0.01)
    Linkage Scale (0.00)
    Linkage Stiffness (1.00)
    Linkage Damping (1.00)
    Relative Adjust Gain (1.10)
    Relative Adjust Bleed (0.10)
    Relative Adjust Clamp (0.95)
    Scoop Knee (0.60)
    Scoop Reduction (0.15)
    Soft Clipping Half Input (0)
    Soft Clipping Full Output (0)
    Menu spring strength (0.10)
    Low speed spring coefficient (0.70)
    Low spring speed saturation (0.70)
    Steering gain (1.75)

    For Advanced Set Up: Free Practice – Tune per car

    Video link from Inside Sim Racing that does a good job explaining/showing set up

    My “Seat of Pants” (SOP) settings:
    SOP: 74 degrees
    SOP Lateral Scale: 70 degrees
    SOP Differential Scale: 30 degrees
    SOP Damping: 30 degrees

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    I have the same problem but wheel is not recognised, X and O buttons work, how do I calibrate please ,using on ps4 switch is set to ps4

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