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Thread: Budget, simple, explanatory - Driving simulator in real car shell.

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    Budget, simple, explanatory - Driving simulator in real car shell.

    Sorry for repost, but It will be easier to update on status.

    Project Cars has extensive inputs to replicate real car functions. I'm working on racing simulation in car body shell in which I will try to use those functions to the max

    First version plan is to make interior electronics and functional buttons - working instrument panel, hazard/turn lights, long lights, traction control, seat belt, handbrake, key mechanism and few others.
    Also complete steering wheel with BMW one and adapt interface "sticks" and connect audio speakers of a car to make nice sound system.
    There is much work left to do, but I'm trying to do it as much as I can.
    Second stage will include simple, budget bearing system to mimic some motions. It is easy to work with car shell, because you can use real car parts
    Third stage might be most expensive or equally pricey as second tho, but it is necessary to make 3 way projector screen. The feel of 180degrees angle view and 3d objects whom you can collide into is great and adds much to a project. Easy to do as-well, just pricy.
    There are few simple unseen ways to push it even further, which I sure try to do, but I leave it to the future

    Demo -


    Video of test runs, some photos
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