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Thread: Virtual Le Mans vs. real Le Mans

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    Virtual Le Mans vs. real Le Mans

    Everyone, I'm a new member here and I had a wild idea that involves Project CARS, Let's Players World Wide, eSports and Le Mans 24 Hours.

    I would like to propose 3 driver teams doing the virtual Le Mans 24 Hours and treat it as realistically as possible and provide 24 live-stream of the virtual Le Mans or have the virtual Le Mans event while the actual race is happening at Circuit de la Sarthe . Podium finishers in their selected class depending on if they play PS4, Xbox One, and PC should have their own podium celebration and spray champagne just like the real drivers if such an event could be organized on location. Has this idea been considered? Prize money should be considered.
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    Sounds crazy. But this could be massive fun I think that announcing this a handful of months in advance would be required though in order to get a satisfying grid size (30+, multiclass) with people giving the time to organize themselves and prepare.
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