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Thread: Time Trial : impossible to record a time at California Highway Reverse

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    Time Trial : impossible to record a time at California Highway Reverse

    As I was checking the TT online leaderboards at, I noticed that Califonia Highway Reverse had less than 10 overall records. I found that weird and couldn't find anything related to that anomaly on the forum so I decided to give it a try.

    I quickly noticed you get somewhat random cut-track warnings in certain areas even if you stay on the asphalt. It seems to happen as soon as you drive on some of the small bridges with "red tubular ramps" like the one at the very beginning.

    (cuts at 00:50, 01:22, 01:49 and 03:00)

    Some of the runs feature Ultimharmony's ghost as I try to match his line as much as possible. I also tried some runs with softer suspension cars like the Megane 275 Trophy-R and the Mercedes 300 SEL to see if it might be related to the car bottoming out but the same issues arised.
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