Hi.Just supported the sim with latest DLC and took the #63 Corvette for a couple of 1h races at Lemans with current date.

Really great experience with soft and medium tyres. I am on a controller and have a tendency to spin right during hard braking. Raised the rear wing helped a bit. My soft tyres manage 11 laps so i made a late pitstop and won the races mainly because i think AI took more than one stop.

Now real weather was selected and i notice every time the tempertures is always way to high.Today 30c at Lemans is not realistic.Yesterday it was 41c.

But it was so fun doing this and the car is great.My best time was 4.05.678 and top speed about 285 without slipstream.

Anyone who can match 2015 Lemans qualf? times


Michael Moe