You and a couple other HFRL members were asking about the differences between the cars we're running in the Sunday Series for season 3, and what cars we're each going to select. I'm still trying to decide. I've tested them all, and tried to choose tracks that each would be strong at and then a little less dominant at another, that way it would be a balanced season. You've seen me "race" so take everything with a grain of salt! Lol. When I ran the cars with default settings, they were all within about 2 seconds of each other per lap. Here's what I found:

BMW M1 (Group 4 GT): Deceptively fast, with less frantic handling and power delivery than the Group 5 and 6 cars. On a faster track (fewer tight corners), it has a good top end speed and it handles the flowing curves really well.

BMW 320 Turbo (Group 5 GT): Reasonably fast, pretty good aerodynamics, easy handling right from the start. Not as fast as the other 3 cars but makes up for it by being a less challenging drive.

Ford Capri Zakspeed (Group 5 GT): It's a rocket if you turn up the turbo boost, but that makes it tricky out of slow corners. Its handling is a little worse than the other cars, so you'll need to be pretty good at vehicle set up to get the best out of it.

Renault Alpine A442B (Group 6 Prototype): It's a true racecar with low weight and high power. Once the revs are up, it is WAAAYYY faster than the other 3 cars. Great aero, high rpm capability, made for the Le Mans 24-hour race. Handling is very tricky, and you have to be on top of it all the time or else you'll spin it without warning. If you are able to really tune its suspension, it has good all around ability on all the tracks this season. Bottom line: YOU MUST BE A GOOD TUNER/DRIVER TO BE COMPETITIVE IN THIS CAR!