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Thread: oculus rift dk2 steam vr problems. Help me please.

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    oculus rift dk2 steam vr problems. Help me please.

    Please guys help me! I have a DK2, windows 10, radeon R9 280 and steam project cars. I don't know why, after the VR instalation form Steam, the oculus shows the game on a cinema view mode. it sems like I'm going to the movies. The screen is curve and I'm not inside the car, but only see the curve screen the front of me, like a comum curve monitor. I'm thinking about to make the windows downgrade to use a old version of oculus drivers. What do you think about that? Thank's and sorry about my english. I'm from Brasil. Everething was fine until 2 weeks ago.

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    Just uninstall steam vr.
    After boot, start oculus home and after that pcars, it will detect the rift and render on that.
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    This has been answered in another thread here, though the OP hasn't responded yet to say whether it worked (hopefully too busy enjoying Project CARS with the Rift ). I will leave this thread open for the OP to reply .
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