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Thread: Multiplayer assist question

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    Multiplayer assist question


    I bought the game on Steam a few days ago and i'm confused about something.

    Most of the online races have "real assist" and "ABS/Stability control" enabled. This mean that people with all assist on and "real assist" on are racing together ?

    If someone could explain exactly how it works, i would be pleased.

    Best regards.


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    that depends to the settings the session host made.
    If you host a session you can restrict to real assists and nobody can use e.g. ABS, if a car does not have ABS.
    On public servers there are mostly few or no restriction.
    League races are more restricted.
    Every car could be a race car, as long as you have the balls to drive it like that !

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    A host has the option to set a room to "Real Assists". When this is done, then whatever car you are driving will only be allowed to use those driver aids that it has in real life.

    For example, in the GT3 class, all cars have ABS and TCS, and only a few have SCS. If you are in a car that does not have SCS in real life, and the room is set to Real Assists, then you will not be able to use SCS in that room.

    Another example would be the GTE cars. This class of cars does not allow ABS in real life. Therefore (even though SMS has grouped them with GT3's) you will not be able to use ABS with those cars if the room is set for Real Assists, while anyone driving a true GT3 class car will be able to use ABS because their car would have it in real life.

    If on the other hand, the room is set to allow all aids, then every car is capable of using every aid in the game.

    I hope that helps.
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    Its Kiranone77. I own Project CARS 2 on PC and on PS4. I have three questions.

    [1] I wanted to know in Radical SR3 Rs if assist ABS and TC are turned on along with Stability control on in Project CARS Pro what does that replicate in Project CARS 2 on PC/PS4.

    Does it means

    (A) ABS low TC low and SC on * *or

    (B) ABS high TC high and SC on.

    (2) Why some of the tracks are missing on Project CARS pro track list which are available on Project Cars 2? Such as Spa, Nurburgring, Fuji. Is it available on request ?

    (3) What is the default setup for Radical SR3 RS in project CARS Pro? Is it Default Loose or Default loose from Project CARS 2 or something else?

    I am requesting you please clarify this.

    Thank you.

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    For what I've read you're asking about Project CARS Pro, and most here can't help you because we don't know anything apart of what appears in the website.
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