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Thread: [G920] Logitech G920 disconnects and reconnects randomly

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    [G920] Logitech G920 disconnects and reconnects randomly

    My Logitech G920 driving force disconnects and reconnects randomly, this happened only on my pc.

    When the G920 is pluged in my xbox one I have no problems and it works perfectly. However, when I plug the wheel in my pc its connerct and the logitech gaming software accept the wheel but, after a randome time the wheel disconnects and starts to calibrate again.
    This happens multiple times until I give up and put the wheel back in the shelf.

    So I hope anyone can help me with the problem.

    I5 4690
    GTX 770
    16GB 1600MHz
    Win 7 Ultimate 64bit
    Logitech Gaming Software 8.83.85

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    Have you tried different USB slots?
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    Ans also be sure to not connect it to a USB HUB... Only directly on the PC...
    Also check the Energie Saving Mode...
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    First thanks to the fast replys,

    yes the wheel is directly connected to my pc without a USB-hub.

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