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Thread: Project Cars does not support your currently active headset

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    Project Cars does not support your currently active headset

    Since yesterday, I've been getting this Steam message whenever I launch the game:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I've always chosen the "Oculus Rift" mode for my TrackIR setup when starting the game and now as of yesterday I'm getting this message. Selecting the "HTC Vive" mode suppresses the message. Even if I select "Oculus" mode (and click "OK") the game starts with no issues. So to recap, selecting Oculus mode with TrackIR will trigger this message, although it doesn't seem to cause problems. Selecting HTC Vive mode launches the game without the warning message. Since this wasn't triggered by a game update, I have to assume something changed on Steam's end. Just curious why Steam only now started complaining.
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    i havent used trackIR in a while, but as you mentioned, it seems the only way to use it is with HTC Vive mode.
    I wonder if its a request from Oculus to steam to get a more accurate number of rift users? who knows.
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    I've had this issue too; Oculus mode works fine, but does give me the same message. HTC mode doesn't function with my (emulated) TiR setup...
    ...because simcar

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