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Thread: Western Racing Community (WRC) - Casual NA Based Racing League

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    Western Racing Community (WRC) - Casual NA Based Racing League

    When browsing through the forums of racing communities, I have noticed a common, dominating group of people: Europeans that are self-proclaimed "sim-gods" who race with a Sparco seat, $4000 wheel, and a racing suit with helmet who believe that everyone likes to drive from the helmet view only and with less assists than an 19th century steam train. And that's not exactly a bad thing, but not everyone can be up to drive at 02:00 their time or want to spend the money on some wheel they know won't get much use. And unfortunately, there aren't many places for those people.

    As such, I have taken it upon myself to form WRC - the Western Racing Community. We at WRC are focused on organizing a community of racers from (but not limited to*) the United States and Canada, welcoming drivers of all skill levels, from weekend drivers with little experience to those who can drive the Nurburing blindfolded in reverse to race together on a balanced, competitive playing field. Assists are allowed in this community, as I feel that most of us can't drive a car IRL without traction control with ease.
    (*We will also allow Mexican, Caribbean, and even some European racers, but knowing English and not creating wicked lag is a prerequisite for that.)

    WRC is a laid back community, focusing more on connections between drivers while providing an agreeable system of series to race in (more on that in the league rules). However, being laid back doesn't mean we are noncompetitive and that any races between members are a lawless free-for-all. We expect members to drive as clean as possible, aside from the usual "bumps" and "bangs" of racing (we avoid using pit maneuvers, break checks, or other forms of intentional destruction). We also figure that if you bought the game, you're probably going to try to at least land on the podium every race.

    The games that WRC will be using are mainly racing simulators or games that have simulator-like properties, but we are not opposed to doing some cross-genre or subgenre meetups. Besides, if the the majority of us have X game and enjoy X game, why not help/annoy the living daylights out of each other in X game? And let's say Need for Speed makes some killer app that everyone and their eighth cousin twice removed owns it? It would make sense to race in it then, now wouldn't it?

    So, if you're looking for fast paced action and don't want to feel like you're hopping into an F1 car at Monaco against the world's finest with no experience in anything with more than 6 cylinders and an automatic, then WRC is the league you've been waiting for. Sign up today at It's free, takes five minutes at the most, and you don't even have to put in your Social Security!

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    Hi, is this only a PS4 players or are there any PC leagues too ?

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